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12/05/17 - 12:30PM - The C.S.C.

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12/05/17 - 12:30PM - The C.S.C.

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

The Chesapeake Shakespeare Company | Caroling on The Living Stage

The Chesapeake Shakespeare Company began in 2002 with a small group of artists committed to changing how people think about Shakespeare, by producing shows that allowed audiences to connect to classic works in whole new ways – ways that are fresh, innovative and sustainable. CSC is devoted to exploring the question “What makes Shakespeare so great?” The assumption is that this quest will probably never be resolved. That is why we invite the audience along for the journey. What is it about this work that resonates? What has lost its meaning? Why do we care and why should we?  

In CSC’s short history, it has gained a reputation for innovative, energetic and popular productions that bring audiences closer to the artists and the art-making process. The company is known for engaging and entertaining audiences in unique and intimate performance environments, and for making opportunities for conversations among audiences, artists and the wider community. In addition to performing the works of Shakespeare, CSC’s talented artists bring fresh perspective to other great classics.

In just 12 years, CSC has become a leader in the Maryland cultural community. Last season, CSC served more than 12,000 Maryland residents across the region with its high-energy approach to performance and education. More than 3,000 Maryland middle school and high school students enjoyed matinees of Romeo and Juliet, setting an attendance record for CSC education programming.

The staff and artists at CSC are attempting to create a new model for what a “theater company” is – one that connects to its community and its neighbors in an open way, and one that serves all members of the community including those who don’t have easy access to the arts.

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