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12/01/17 - 6PM - Thomas Piper

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12/01/17 - 6PM - Thomas Piper

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

Thomas Piper | Creating on The Living Stage

Thomas Piper presents a lively and engaging performance of songs from his upcoming album. Join the republic and Live!

Brooklyn based sound sculptor and visual artist, Thomas Piper encompass a wide array of

multimedia processes to highlight his musical interests. Thomas is an empowering singer/

songwriter, musician, composer, performer, producer, and visual craftsman; who combines these

elements to realize his vision. Piper’s instrument of choice is the Ableton Push, which he

incorporates along with other controllers and live instruments to fuse his roots in Hip- Hop with

electronic and Soul music to create a new genre of music. This multi-skilled artist has showcased

at Aqua Art Miami, Webster Hall, Tekserve, Maker Fair-NYC, and SoFar San Francisco. He’s

written and produced for various artists on Gee Street Records, Hank Shocklee, and Amel

Larrieux. Create Digital website held a featured artist segment about his musicianship. Thomas

has been featured on the front page of Ableton’s website musician’s documentary - Thomas

Piper: This Is My World and Push Performances: Five of our Favorites.

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