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11/15/16 - 8PM - L.G. Gerace, Most Marvelous

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11/15/16 - 8PM - L.G. Gerace, Most Marvelous

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

L. G. Gerace, Most Marvelous is a Baltimore based magician.  His journey into the Astonishing Arts and mystery entertainment began with a passing interest in coin magic.  Bolstered by a degree in theatre and psychology from Elizabethtown College, Gerace began to devour the material from old tomes full of legerdemain and conjuring lore to hone his craft.  It also didn't hurt that one of the nations top brick-and-mortar magic shops, the Denny and Lee Magic Studio,  is close by from which to learn, shop, and socialize with other aspiring wizards in the area.

Gerace is the Magician-in-Residence for both the Baltimore Rock Opera Society and the Yellow Sign Theatre.  This appointment entails consulting on theatrical productions to enhance the spectacle of the performance by incorporating various magic techniques and principles (pyromancy and snake-handling to name a few!)  In addition, Gerace performs intimate conjuring at Club Charles every Wednesday evening where he delights spectators with his close-up magic act, Smirk & Mirrors.  He was awarded the Best Late Night Entertainer in the City Paper's 2015 Best of Baltimore issue.  He has also performed for government and non-profit entities as well as private patrons.   

If you're lucky, Gerace may perform with his lovely assistant Zatanna... 

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