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10/23/17 Liner Notes Radio Show

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10/23/17 Liner Notes Radio Show

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

Liner Notes Radio Show Live on The Living Stage

Musician Michele McTierney is the founder and co-host of the Liner Notes RadioShow, a Baltimore/Washington-based radio show showcasing not only local artists and events but focusing on both the art and music as well as the business-side of the industry. Co-host, Meg B. Banter has worked in radio, with knowledge and experience in journalism, videography, photography and is also a singer-songwriter-musician.

Industry experts and information on everything from recommendations on how to record an album, networking, website and social media development, press kit design, advertising and promotions as well as copywriting, publishing, band finances, taxes, royalties and merchandising. This show provides invaluable information and training to all artists to improve their craft, earn more money and protecting themselves to ensure their success.