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04/04/17 - 7PM - Catalina Byrd

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04/04/17 - 7PM - Catalina Byrd

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

Catalina Byrd is a native of Baltimore, MD that has been an active community advocate, journalist, and political consultant for over 15 years. In the last 10 years Catalina has been featured on numerous radio and television programs and has hosted 4 radio programs of her own, specifically targeting the engagement of millennials in the voting process. One of few women of color covering politics at her age has always set her apart from her colleagues and has earned her their respect as a voice that can speak to and for many different demographics. Simply put she speaks "the people's language".

Ms. Byrd became a widow at the age of 26, which left her as a single mother of one son, an experience that Catalina credits as sharpening her focus that much more on the needed change in our society. Life experiences such as being a domestic violence survivor and relative of those suffering from addiction have lead Catalina to also be passionate about domestic violence legislation reform, increased access to treatment options for impacted families and communities, and ex-offender resources for those returning to their communities, as they have all been things that she has watched loved ones struggle with.

In 2010 Catalina ran for Judge of the Orphans' Court and for Mayor of Baltimore City in 2011. As an Unaffiliated candidate Catalina was required to collect signatures to appear on the ballot but was unsuccessful. Nonetheless, the experience allowed her to get her platform of education, entrepreneurship, and economic development into the discussions about the future of her beloved Baltimore and the priorities that it should be focused on. Catalina has also worked in significant roles on the campaigns of previous Governor's, State Delegates, and City Council members. 

You can listen to Catalina every Monday on WEAA 88.9's First Edition with Sean Yoes and she frequently appears on Square Off with Richard Sher on WMAR-ABC 2 and News One Now on TV One with Roland Martin.