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03/15/18 - 6PM - Sam MacPherson

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03/15/18 - 6PM - Sam MacPherson

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

Sam MacPherson | South of Red Tour | A Musical Performance

After peaking at #33 on SoundCloud's "New&Hot Pop Charts" for a track called "Late to Love", Sam MacPherson has stepped into the studio to record his debut EP South of Red. Born in New Jersey in 1997, Sam grew up in a household that was filled with the music of The Beatles, as well the tunes of his singer/songwriter father. 

Sam notes a wide range of musical influences that span from the lyrical weight of John Mayer and the soul of Allen Stone,  to the stadium-filling sonics of Catfish and the Bottlemen. 

MacPherson is looking to make a hollistic first impression with his debut EP. From big chorus guitar songs to dynamic piano ballads, South of Red will highlight  Sam MacPherson's growing scope as a musician and songwriter.

The South of Red Tour will support the EP's release with dates all along the Northeast. 

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