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02/24/17 - 8PM - Xavier Martin

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02/24/17 - 8PM - Xavier Martin

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

On August 25th in year of 1993, Xavier Martin, a Hattiesburg, MS native was born.  From early on Martin displayed many talents, but there was one that had out shown the rest and that was music. As a young child Martin recalls singing and listening to music the major stimulate to his imagination. Music was his escape into realm where things were at peace and love and unity abounded. There were no limitations
when it came to music. Xavier began singing in church at a very early age. He understood that singing for
God was edifying, what God had entrusted him with, which was his voice. As he grew in age he began to expound into more areas of singing such as singing in his school choirs, family events, talent shows, and eventually becoming a member of the Mississippi Boy Choir. Xavier recalls his times in the Mississippi Boy Choir some of his best memories and accredits the choir for further shaping his voice. As Xavier grew up more into his teen and young adult years he began to get involved with theater. Now music still remained the queen in his heart, but theater helped personify his stage presence. Theater taught him how to emote truths and
contain control which you can get hints of when he sings and performs live. All in all, Xavier Martin is grateful for the many things and places that God has allowed him to go. Xavier has been a semi-contestant on The Voice and The Apollo, sang before 2000 people at the Hattiesburg Tree Lighting. The most rewarding event Xavier has been able to share his gift was for the 51st Commemoration of Bloody Sunday in Selma,AL 2016. It was at the Bloody Sunday Commemoration or The Jubilee where he was able to sing before 35,000 people, including congressional leaders of the US, NAACP representatives and more. Xavier Martin is ecstatic for what is happening in his life and is a testament to Proverbs 18:16.

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