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02/17/17 - 8PM - Rah The Bird

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02/17/17 - 8PM - Rah The Bird

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

Robert will be performing a visual representation of how, as one of my birds, a Home would be created. I will be using various media including pine and willow wood, fibers and costume.

Robert aka Rah The Bird grew up in a small midwestern town in Indiana, his grandparent’s home was surrounded by a large woods situated next to a quarry pit. In this environment Robert observed many types of birds, these sightings of birds and a fascination with some mythical and Folklore bird creatures have influenced his work from the past until the present. Through the combination of his mixed media, self taught fiber work, collage and creative subconscious he reveals simple, surreal and obscure narratives that are played out in this world and ones know only to the birds he creates.