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02/04/17 - 1PM - Chere M. Goode

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02/04/17 - 1PM - Chere M. Goode

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

At the age of 59, my Dad, who was healthy as far as we knew, passed away from a massive heart attack while sleeping. This was shocking and devastating to our entire family. He had to have had signs or symptoms that something was going wrong prior to this tragic day. As so many people do, he probably ignored the signs or was unaware they were symptoms of a serious condition. I felt it was time to speak out and educate the public so maybe sad endings such as my dad's can be prevented.

Often times we try to care for our health and wellness alone but actually family involvement is required. We must hold one another accountable. We must make sure we are making healthy choices as a family. Knowledge is the answer but prevention is the key.

The Lets Get Serious Expo provides the education families need to make healthy food choices with variety, get fit through a variety of fun exercises and get free information on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle even if they current health issues.

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