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8/13/16 - 7pm - Sam Smith

Sam Smith, celebrity Wardrobe Stylist and Accessory designer, will be discussing Style and transitional fashion options as we prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can leave us overwhelmed and maxed out- literally. Wouldn't it be great to have a professional guide you to your style sanity? Let Sam Smith do the wardrobe worrying for you. Enjoy a mini fashion showcase featuring local boutiques and brands while learning a few clothing tips and tricks to suit your lifestyle.

You don't want to miss out on a chance to take home some handy fashion tips and unique accessories! Join us November 21st at Hotel RL from 5-6pm as she shares her style story, fashion sense and a few pieces from her new accessory collection.

About Sam Smith:

Sam, a self-taught fashion and jewelry designer from Baltimore, Md., recognized her creative talents at an early age. As a city native, Sam learned early on how to conquer life's challenges through fashion and artistic expression.

“Growing up, I attended both public and private schooling in Baltimore — from the inner city to the suburb outskirts. I’ve seen both the good and bad my city offers; [I chose] the path I felt was most conducive to the mark I wanted to leave on the world. My mother and father stressed the importance of education and having a plan. Although I wanted to spread my creative wings, I knew I had to have the proper foundation to soar,” says Sam.

To date, Sam currently holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Education and a Master’s in Business Administration. Knowing that art and fashion were two things she could not live without, Sam chose to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, starting her own fashion and style company, Superficial Glamour, LLC. in 2009. She has successfully branded herself as an active Fashion Artist, Creative consultant and accessories designer.


New Vintage by Sam is the official product line for Superficial Glamour LLC that features an array of handcrafted, shopped and re-purposed fashions and accessories.