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7/11/16 - 8pm - Nick Sekscenski of Charm City Cross Fit

Bio: Nick Sekscenski  Owner & Head Coach

I grew up playing sports and enjoyed just about all forms of physical activity.   Sitting still was never really an option for me.  After High School my participation in organized sports declined.  I maintained high activity levels due to manual labor jobs in between my classes at college but I lacked goals, structure, or proper training for my body.  Around age 20 I found myself in the gym 5-7 days a week but still I was not setting clear goals for myself, basically I was working out just to workout.  After some time I began to realize if I wanted to progress I had to be working towards something.  So I sat down and set a timeline of things I wanted to accomplish with my fitness and established steps to get there.  This made ALL the difference.

 At age 22 I started working as a personal trainer at a gym in Laurel, Md.  I loved meeting and working with members who turned into clients.  It was great to sit down with them and help them establish goals for their health and fitness.  I had seen excellent results by laying out a clear path for myself and I enjoyed sharing that insight with other people.  I stayed at this gym for 6 months after which I moved to Baltimore, MD and got a job as a personal trainer at a local chain gym in the city.  I stayed at this gym for 5 years and during this time I gained very valuable knowledge, skills, and experience through my work.

 During my time at this gym I was introduced to CrossFit.  I remember watching the CrossFit Games on tv and thinking to myself “well I don’t play sports anymore, this seems like something that I could get into”.  I started following the WODs on HQs website and within a year I was Level One Certified.  A year after getting certified I got started this affiliate within the gym I was currently at.  I kept my affiliate there for 2 years before realizing that in order to reach and help people the way that I wanted to this was not going to be the best venue.  I resigned from the gym and subleased the basement of a boxing gym in my neighborhood.  We stayed in the basement there for a year and a half slowly growing our member base until again I realized this location was not going to support my vision.  In February of 2016 I signed a lease on a commercial property in Baltimore and in March we had our Grand Opening. 

 My favorite thing about CrossFit is it’s universal scalability.  I have members ranging in age from 16 all the way through 70 and they can all do the same workout.  CrossFit truly is the best system and community that works for all ages or levels of experience to help athletes get in the best physical shape.  My favorite aspect of being a coach/trainer is seeing an athlete or client’s face when they finally accomplish a goal or learn a new skill.  Literally nothing beats that.