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6/14/16 - 7pm Carolyn Malachi

EXCAVATION will dig deep into Carolyn Malachi's RISE [Story 1] allowing emerging artists insight and an exclusive look into -

  • Concepts & the creative process of each track
  • Collaborations
  • Production Inspiration
  • Designing artwork
  • And more


RISE [Story 1] is the first part of Carolyn Malachi’s album trilogy called Rise of the Modern Natural. Featuring an ensemble cast including the artist's great-grandfather, jazz pianist John Malachi, RISE [Story 1] captures the soundscape of Carolyn Malachi’s native Washington, DC at a pivotal moment in DC Jazz history: the closing of Bohemian Caverns. Blending Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Rap and GoGo music, this part of the trilogy initiates the paralleled journey of Carolyn Malachi and her ancestor, both transcending circumstances to find the way forward.


From Washington, DC's rich Blues, Jazz, Spoken Word, GoGo and R&B music scene emerges Carolyn Malachi with a fresh blend of music that garners international praise, including MTV naming her an R&B artist “to obsess over”. 

GOLD, the follow-up to Carolyn Malachi’s GRAMMY-nominated single "Orion" (Lions, Fires & Squares EP), includes contemporary R&B radio hits “All Right” and “Fall Winter Spring Summer” which NPR named to its 10 Songs Public Radio Can’t Stop Playing list. Malachi describes GOLD as an ever-appreciating commodity: self-empowerment. Using her music and social media platforms as forces for good, she advocates for global access to education and technology through collaborations with the School Fund, GRAMMY U and the Global Fund for Women. She says, “Each of our paths is unique. Music is the intersection where we pause for collective conversation. Music is universal.” 

In 2015, Carolyn Malachi carried her message to audiences in Taiwan, China, Papua New Guinea and Japan. Upon returning to the United States,  she received from her alma mater, Shepherd University, an honorary doctorate and delivered the institution’s commencement address. Fashion brand Lafayette 148 NY featured the independent artist in their 2015 ‘Women We Love’ campaign. 

Carolyn Malachi’s new album, RISE [Story 1] is scheduled for release in 2016 and is the first part of an album trilogy called Rise of the Modern Natural.

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