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5/27/16 - 8pm - DPtheEMCEE

DPTheEmcee is a native Baltimorean eclectic artist with the desire to uplift his community and those around him through the art of music. As a conscious young African-American male in the Baltimore City community, DP has utilized his art to reach many individuals bringing them together for positive gatherings and alternatives to the negative stereotypical activities that are made readily available. DP is a full-time student at Coppin State University majoring in History with hopes of continuing his career as an educator utilizing his many talents to educate and empower future generations. DP has been afforded various opportunities that have enabled him to grow as an individual with his city on his back. These opportunities have included but are not limited to being a curator for Cre3sol which is a local artist collective as well as hosting and performing at various open mic and local events to connect with other like-minded artists to not only mentor but also learn from for future collaborations. Overall, DP is a man of his word and has high hopes of reaching any and everyone that will listen to his sound, the main attraction to DP’s artistic style is his versatility which allows multiple forms of art to meet and mingle to develop a beautiful performance that individuals from different walks of life will enjoy.

DPTheEmcee’s music can be found at: