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4/28/16 - 8pm - Melvin Trusty

Melvin Trusty is the Publisher and founder of Swarm Magazine. A born-and-bred Baltimorean raised in the golden-era of hip-hop, Melvin grew up around bohemian artists as his inspiration, computers as his tools, and the best crab cakes in the universe as his soul food. He has always had a deep love for art and creativity in what ever form, and a deep fascination with world culture and bees. He chose the name Swarm for his first venture into publication because he feels “everyone can achieve their goals by helping each other without hurting each other”. In his early years, he became a digital nomad, after discovering the well of knowledge that the Internet had to offer. Trusty traveled through this newly discovered Cyberspace to meet new friends and see new places. His moment of clarity arrived when he designed his first publication in a design class and realized that this is what he wanted to do, but that he wanted to do it differently. That ephiphany was the beginning of a passion that would eventually become Swarm.