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4/23/16 - 8pm - Anyana (Songbird) Martin

Anyana, whose name is defined as Favor and Grace, arrived by realizing her gifts in The Historic African Methodist Episcopal Church in Washington DC.  “The Songbird” as known by so many, harnessed her vast vocal and spiritual gift  for, singing and interpreting songs of praise and worship in order to help and aid those in need of spiritual relief. As she continued to grow with her gift, she would eventually add strong influences from the many legendary artists from the 60s and 70 such as, Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston. She would continue to explore and expand her musical craft, as she continue to add more contemporary R&B artists as influences, such as Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and Ledisi, Eventually, She would began performing on larger stages and in more diverse settings, based on her maturing skills and through the urging of her many supporters. Her commanding vocal prowess will evoke feelings of elation, contemplation and may even cause you to shed a tear. The Songbird's ability to transform a song, that you are familiar with and make it her own, truly puts here on a path apart from many other contemporary Singers in the region. She has continued to have the good fortune to perform all across the DelMarVa (DMV) and along the East Coast, garnering new fans with each performance.