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4/21/16 - 8pm - Michelle Gardner- Distance

Michelle Gardner-Distance born on October 27, 1978 is Baltimore Maryland native. This true Scorpio has been working in the finance field for over 15 years. The consistent experience in the Non-profit sector of Finance/Accounting has given her a huge since of fulfillment however, there was still something missing from her everyday career and what drives her creative side. Michelle has been writing since she was 12 years old, in search of a away to escape tough times in her life. Through this one form of expression, she has created a profound way to feel freedom and has never stop in 25 years. Writing has become her release. Michelle has conquered through difficult moments and rejoiced in the endearing moments all through writing. Being able to express herself through words has always brought unspeakable happiness and is her one true passion. That same passion is leading her on a path to openly and intimately let you see who Michelle really is, a brave, phenomenal woman.