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4/14/16 - 8pm - Alanah Nichole

Alanah Nichole (24) born in NYC a resident of Baltimore is the curator of The "On Point" Open Mic Series, Poet, Writer and lover of the arts since childhood. 

Perhaps her love of writing stems from being an avid reader from early on or just gifted with the power she has with words. Either way Alanah's writing reveals her mastery of the poetic form and her deep understanding of this miraculous medium. 

Alanah's work is the truth of reality and often built out of intimate details concerning life, relationships and most controversially sex, politics & current events. Astounding for it's candor, it's eroticism and it's power to move. her strong powers of observation, extraordinary vocabulary and use of metaphor to appeal universally always brings audiences a linguistic surprise, her raw takes on her realities wether real or imagined have audiences snapping & wanting more.

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