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3/19/16 - 8pm Foundation Band Feat. Ka'Ba Akintunde

Ka'Ba Soulsinger

Hailing from the American South, Ka'Ba Akintunde's rich, bass/baritone voice emits a frequency whose vibration is drenched in the struggles, trials and triumphs of the Black experience, from enslavement to Jim Crow to the Civil Rights era to the hip-hop generation and beyond. His fusion of soul, jazz, traditional Black spirituals, blues, hip-hop, spoken word and world music creates an aural panoply of the worldwide African experience. His passionate, soul-drenched, humorous and energetic performances have thrilled audiences across the United States, winning praise and accolades along the way. 

Foundation Band

Founded in 2015, The Foundation Band brings together some of the DMV’s top musicians and vocalists. TFB, as their followers know them is a fluid collaboration of artists who skillfully paint a musical picture blending jazz, funk, and soul music. On any given night, your musical journey might begin in Detroit with a Motown classic; take a turn into the Boogie Down Bronx with a bangin’ hip-hop beat; slide through Philly for some Neo-Soul, and land safely in the DMV with the Go-Go swing.

The band performs weekly in the DC area at public and private events. Each member of the group brings years of musical training and experience to the stage. Fraternity brothers Rick Flanagan (keyboards) and Mike “QueMonk” Tucker (bass) are the co-founders of the group. David Queen (drums) and Brian “Smitty” Smith (percussion) hold down the beat. Anyana “The Songbird” Martin and KaBa Soulsinger skillfully handle melodies and harmonies with their powerhouse vocals. 

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