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3/18/16 - 8pm Von Vargas

Von Vargas is a music artist, producer, songwriter, visual artist and an advocate for justice from Baltimore, Md. His music speaks to and for those who’ve been overlooked, outcasts, and impoverished. He’s passionate about creating music that highlights solutions to social ills that plague our communities. Born and raised on the Westside of Baltimore City his knowledge of the street mentality coupled with his profound ability to convey its pits and falls makes him essential in today’s music industry. He continues to leave motivational impressions on the hearts and minds of people across the globe. With his music, Von Vargas will continue to raise a standard.

As an underground innovator of the music, arts and entertainment industry, Von Vargas (a.k.a. Von Smith) has aimed his focus since day one. Von was formerly a promoter of fashion shows, after parties and a local record spinner (DJ) in most of the so-called hottest clubs in Baltimore, MD. With all of the experience he has gained from his journey in music, Vons’ direction began to change when he received a mandate to make music that would make a difference in the industry and society.

Von’s music glorifies Life and leaves the average listener with true inspiration, substance and value. His raps include no expletives, yet his message is powerful and positive. “When observing his ability to reach students through rap… the response it elicits is Phenomenal,”… says Cheneeda Carter of the MD Educational Opportunity Center.

He’s been featured on Hip Hop DX, Fusicology, Jukebox DC, Hip Hop TV Japan, and numerous times in The Baltimore City Paper as well as other media outlets. Von serves as Governor on the Board Of Governors for The Grammy Washington DC Chapter (known as The Recording Academy and NARAS). Von is also an Alumni Member of Raw Artist (Baltimore). Von Vargas is responsible for Music Marketing Ads, Hip-Hop Ads and Campaigns for: CBS Sports, United Healthcare, American Cancer Society, Changes Enterprises / Dickies Workwear and more. His music has been aired on numerous Radio One and Clear Channel Stations, ESPN, HGTV, B.E.T, to name a few.

Von is currently the co-owner of Creative Development Studios, which allows him to maximize his talents while serving corporate clients, community clients and students of the Baltimore City Public Schools system. This Winter 2016, Von Vargas is set to release his upcoming album Metropolis Binocular. Von’s latest works include: World Famous Lexington Market, Famiglia Foreve’r Christiano, The Harvest Volumes 1 & 2 and numerous mixtapes.

Von has also shared stages with numerous mainstream shakers in the industry, admitting that every accomplishment is only by the Grace of God.

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