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2/25/16 - 8pm - Craig Coletta

The myth of the "artist" has ceated an unnecessary and in many ways harmful division in the worlrd of the arts. Many low-brow, base art forms have far more cultural significance and importance than the most rarified creations, but are overlooked or iignored because they don't fit the "narrative" or have the cachet of "what art should be." The Yellow Sign Theatre  works to combat this by reviving older forms of popular culture, focusing on impact rather than artiness, and recognizing that sneaking a piece of significance into a big package of fun is often the best way to ceate true art in the minds of an audience.

Craig Coletta is a Principal at Sovereignty First, an international development and conflict resolution consultancy in Washington DC. He is also founder and Artistic Director of THe Yellow Sign THeatre, a four year old theatre company in Baltimore.

Craig originally trained as a folklorist, specializing in the folklore of and about American con men, snake oil salesmen, pitch men, and carnies. He later earned an MA in intercultural relations focusing on conflict resolution and spent 10 years as a mediator and international dispute resolution consultant (Cambodia, Kosovo)

Having left acting as a 23 year old to get "old and ugly enough for the parts I wanted to play," he returned to the theatre in 2011 and has written, directed, performed in, or produced more than 25 original stage and film productions at Yellow Sign Theatre, appeared in the films The Call Girl of Cthulhu and (upcoming) What Happens Next Will Scare You.

His favorite explanation for his life is "It seemed to make sense at the time."