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2/18/16 - 8pm - Candace Chance

Candace Chance’s story starts out in West Baltimore City, Maryland. Having parents who—through their own lives—taught her to think critically, question deeply, and advocate for others; she was destined to be a social entrepreneur. Her parents being from Queens, New York and Guyana, South America just added a little flavor to her personality.

Candace grew up selling candy, sodas, and snacks, with her mom and siblings, out of their row home for extra income. In elementary school, she sold candy bars at the skating rink and bowling alley; trying out different approaches to increase sales. By middle school, she sold candy from her book bag. Although this got her in some trouble, she figured out ways to make a profit and lower her risks.

Growing up, many people knew something was different about her, and she did too. She received her B.A. in Biology and M.A. in Cultural Sustainability from Goucher College in Towson, MD. Having an interesting interplay between entrepreneurship, rebelliousness, and desire to empower others, Candace knew she couldn’t remain at her job for long. After much thought, she leaped from her salaried position as an Environmental Education Coordinator, in August 2015 to pursue her own social ventures.

Candace’s purpose is clear: to empower others (especially youth!). She has learned a lot about entrepreneurship, leadership, and self (with a ton more to learn!). She activates, educates, and connects people to resources to create their most empowered self. She has founded and launched several social ventures:

- Be BOLD Inc. (Bringing Out Leaders from Dreamers)

- Bold Internship Program (BIP); and

- The B'more Co-Lab (co-founder).

She is THE empowerment engine. Get connected with Candace by visiting Find out more about the B’more Co-lab at .