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2/11/16 - 8pm - Walker Marsh from Tha Flower Factory

Our Farm

A recent winner of The 2014 Growing Green Competition Tha Flower Factory is showing another side of urban agriculture by focusing on producing cut flowers and herbs. TFF is a half-acre and is located in the Broadway East Neighborhood. It's mission is to grow high quality sustainable flowers and herbs, to promote green entrepreneurship, to be a steward for the environment, to provide experience based training and to raise the consciousness of the community. TFF will be breaking ground in 2016 and looks forward to being apart of a greater movement of young farmers showing the potential of urban farming.


Walker Marsh is the farmer and founder of “TFF”. Formerly working at Civic Work's Real Food Farm and currently working at Clyburn Arboretum, Walker has gained lots of experience farming and has attended various workshops about beginning your own farm that he feels very confident in the success of his own farm. He looks to set an example for other up and coming farmers.