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1/3/2016 - 2pm - SYNERGY

AZIZA/PE&CE Youth Programming is two programs with one purpose! AZIZA means precious, gorgeous, and powerful and specifically designed for girls. PE&CE is acronym representing Positive Energy & Children Excelling. AZIZA was developed in summer 2010 and the PE&CE initiative was started 2012. The program has operated successfully in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and is now in Anne Arundel County at Arundel High School. AZIZA/PE&CE has proven itself to be unordinary programming yielding extraordinary results!

The AZIZA/PE&CE Youth Programming experience is designed to help youth discover and cultivate their most genuine and meaningful sense of self.

Using the business of fashion, fitness, arts, music, mentoring, entertainment and education, AZIZA/PE&CE Youth Programming develops social, cultural, emotional, life, and critical thinking skills in youth. Thereby, contributing to knowledge, confidence, and perspectives that help them make their marks on the world wherever the future takes them.

Aziza/PE&CE has been developed to empower youth ages 12-24 in the areas of self-esteem and personal development through the business of fashion, fitness, the arts, music, mentoring, and entertainment. The programs offer classes and learning opportunities that promote positive personal values and image, career development, and self- development. The AZIZA/PE&CE approach to development leads to natural success.

An AZIZA/PE&CE experience rewards youth long after they’ve graduated. Our unordinary programming proves extraordinary results that impact youth and their quality of life. Youth learn to engage the world with the understanding, skills, and confidence they’ll need to pursue any goal. They know how to rise to challenges and the importance of making difference. AZIZA/PE&CE helps youth discover and shape their most authentic selves and this knowledge serves them no matter who they are or what they seek to become.

Saran Fossett: Committed, passionate, strategic, creative, multidisciplinary leader and youth advocate with an eye for innovation and possibilities. I’ve worked the gamut of careers in fashion (professional model, boutique owner, model agent, stylist, merchandising, consultant, fashion event producer, and creative director to name a few) and although my skill set is vast, my greatest expertise and passion revolve in the worlds of youth advocacy, fashion/charity event planning, program development and management, and marketing. My wish is to combine my knowledge and experience in these areas, to deliver extraordinary youth programming addressing the cultural, social, emotional, critical thinking, and life skills development of youth. It is my hope and vision to open state of the art youth centers that will offer programs that support the promotion of self-love, and information that encourages and help youth to grow mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally...from strength to strength. Currently the Executive Director of Aziza/PE&CE Youth Programming and Youth Development Liaison for The Macro Coalition for the Transformation and Betterment of Baltimore, my commitment is to providing a safe and empowering place to reach, educate, inspire, grow, and nurture today's generation of young women and men by motivating and teaching them the value of self-love, self-actualization and self-acceptance. I am a committed ally for LGBT youth and those who love them. I also love interior design and shoes! Further communication…

Shawniece Lemmon, affectionately known as Shawn, attended Baltimore City Public Schools and received her diploma from Carver Vocational High School. She attends Walden University pursuing her degree in Psychology (Childhood and Adolescent Development). Her career in education began about five years ago, as she committed to the social, emotional, and academic development of children with special needs. Addressing the needs of many, she became attached to a few and especially one who suffered with Autism. Shawn’s love, patience, and commitment to his development promoted growth, maturation, and skills that many thought the child would never achieve or expected that he would reach those benchmarks much later in life.