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11/5/16 - 7PM - Jae the Lyoness

The Life of a Lyoness

Jae "The Lyoness" is a female Inspirational Hip Hop artist. She was born in Washington, D.C in 1990 where she lived until the age of 6. She then moved to Gaithersburg, MD and is currently living in Baltimore Maryland. Growing up Jae was a poet and a singer. She's been writing poetry from the age of 7. Poetry was a way for her to express how she felt about life growing up with a single mother. Jae sang in school talent shows, as well as the school chorus and church choir. Jae's musical talents came naturally, anything she wanted to learn, took her no time at all to pick up. Her musical influences growing up were: Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, Karyn White, Chris Brown, Omarion, Mariah Carey, Earth Wind and Fire, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez, Tupac, Scarface, and Dmx to name a few.

At the age of 19 Jae "The Lyoness" took a break from singing and turned her poetry into rapping. In just a short year she taught herself how to engineer, make beats and produced her own music. Her first mixtape was released in 2010, titled "Sekhmet: The Untamed War Goddess", this is where she introduced her aggressive side. Her second Mixtape was released in 2012 titled "The remix Tape" where she displayed her wordplay over industry beats. In 2013 Jae "The Lyoness" released "Life through Composition" which gained the attention of many Tupac Shakur fans. Jae took some of the most historic Tupac songs and made it her own.

Jae "The Lyoness" recently auditioned at "Mission Underground L.A" which is an event that is held every year for emcees all over the world. This event was started by the truest hip hop platform "Team Back Pack". Auditioning live placed her as one of the Top 3 winners to be among some of the best underground emcees. Jae "The Lyoness" has also performed at the world famous Apollo Theater, twice, accomplishing one of her biggest childhood dreams. Jae "The Lyoness" brings back the true essence of Hip hop with a positive Message in every song. The phenomenal feline started a Movement called "Struggle Mewzik" in March 2013. Struggle Mewzik was created to bring people together by the healing and power of music. Showing everyone that no matter who you are, we all are one. We all struggle at some point in life. Jae released an empowering and inspirational EP in January 2014 titled "God Save Me". It was about her own personal struggles in life as well as her peers. She has received Great feedback from fans all over. Then moving on to her most powerful work of artistry her new album to be released on Nov 5, 2016 “40 Day 40 Nights”. Jae has impacted so many lives with her messages of inspiration and fighting depression as well as letting people know its okay to follow your dreams no matter how the world may label you. Jae "The Lyoness" is not shy about giving all Glory to God. Without him, she says nothing she does is ever possible”. New Opportunities have presented themselves for the young Feline. She says “I am taking it one day at a time but and I knows that as long as I have God by my side, my future is promising”.

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