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11/04/16 - 7pm - Mark Cottman

Mark Cottman will feature an evening of his vibrant art and poetry. 

In 1999, after a successful career as an architectural engineer, Mark Cottman decided to become a full time artist.  He knew then his decision would lead to a more fulfilling existence.

Born and raised in Baltimore, this self taught, award winning artist, favors a large variety of subject matter. “Through my art and words”, Cottman says, “I feel it’s necessary to offer something of meaning in this world. I believe there is no 'us' or 'them' only 'we'. We all share the Earth as our home. Only through a conscious mind can we really know ourselves and find peace.”

In 2010, Cottman founded and established the Mark Cottman Gallery.  Mark Cottman Gallery is committed to raising consciousness through his artwork and writings. The gallery also gives back to the community through partnering with non-profit and community based organizations.

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