Red Meets Green

Green BlockNo we're not talking about Christmas colors! Red Lion is working to make our hotels as green as possible by embracing sustainable business practices we want you to know about.


In mid-2011, we partnered with Ecova to develop a Strategic Resource Management Plan, completed and rolled out in December of 2011. The plan included:

a. Cultural efforts to reduce energy usage

i. Quarterly Newsletters

ii. Webinar Series covering hotel specific best practices and challenge management

iii. Employee suggestion process

iv. Rooms Energy Policy

b. Hotel improvements to reduce energy consumption

c. Customized Energy Performance Report that allows us to analyze how each of our properties is performing in reducing energy consumption Results for 2012: We reduced our energy consumption by 2.4% which equivocates to a GHG reduction of 1,436 tons and is the equivalent of removing 299 cars off the road!

Sustainable StuffRed Meets Green _Eco

We have also introduced sustainable sourcing of products into our daily practices:

a. All mechanical replacement targets equipment that has at least a 96% efficiency rating and whenever possible, incorporates only equipment that has received an Energy Star rating

b. In early 2012 we introduced the "Eco Pure" line of guest room amenities - bath soap, facial soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotions are packaged in environmentally friendly, biodegradable and recyclable containers. Formulations contain high percentage of natural ingredients

c. In room communication pieces are carefully sourced. Example: our Sales team came up with a water bottle hanger that is made from recycled paper and contains wildflower seeds - it can actually be planted to grow flowers from!

d. As we complete physical improvements to our hotels we are introducing sustainable materials into our specifications whenever possible. Example: during a recent renovation we installed carpet and hard surface products that had a high percentage of recycled components. In that same renovation, we converted all lighting from incandescent to light emitting diode (LED).

e. We continue to convert older less efficient lighting across our stable of hotels to compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and from T12 to T-8 or T-5 technology

f. In early 2012 we implemented an "oil recycling" program in our food and beverage outlets where we render used oils and turn them over to a recycler

g. All office products are sourced with sustainability in mind

Waste Stream

We already participate in recycling in each property but our next area of focus is evaluation of all of our waste removal practices and to implement a process chain wide that incorporates complete recycling right down to rendering partially used soaps, shampoos, conditioners and lotions. We have targeted mid 2013 for this program to kick off.