Spacious Kennewick Event Facilities

Plan Productive Meetings and Exciting Events

Trust the team at Red Lion Hotel Columbia Center to produce flawless meetings and events that will leave your guests in awe. Our spacious Kennewick event facilities can be expertly arranged to accommodate an intimate affair or up to 1,000 guests.

10,000 square feet of Kennewick meeting space is at your disposal to plan the perfect meeting or event. Our expert event planners will guide you through every step of the process, from selecting the best audiovisual equipment for your presentation to crafting a catering menu that is sure to impress your guests.

Our comfortable accommodations and premium amenities such as complimentary airport shuttle service make our event centers in Kennewick, Washington the most convenient in town while a modern business center offers guests an excellent resource so you’ll always be prepared. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel making last minute projects or keeping in touch with family and friends simple and convenient.

Allow the event planning staff at Red Lion Hotel Columbia Center to alleviate your stress and plan your next meeting or event. Our expert knowledge and careful attention to detail make every meeting and event a success.

All Ballrooms Atrium Ballroom I
Sq Ft. 4,899 Sq Ft. 2,346 Sq Ft. 1,287 
Classroom 300 Conference 50 Conference 45 
Reception 600 U-Shape 50 U-Shape 45
Rounds 300 Classroom 125 Classroom 65
Theater 600  Reception 200 Reception 100
Rounds 125 Rounds 75
Theater 250 Theater 150
Hollow Square 50 Hollow Square 45

Ballroom II/III Ballroom IV Ballroom V
Sq Ft. 528 Sq Ft. 1,1404 Sq Ft. 1,152
Conference 20 Conference 50 Conference 50
Classroom 30 U-Shape 45 U-Shape 45
Reception 35 Classroom 75 Classroom 65
Rounds 32 Reception 125 Reception 100
Theater 50 Rounds 75 Rounds 75
Theater 150 Theater 150
Hollow Square 45 Hollow Square 45

Clearwater A Clearwater B Clearwater C
Sq Ft. 595 Sq Ft. 595 Sq Ft. 1,260
Conference 20 Conference 20 Conference 50
U-Shape 20 U-Shape 20 U-Shape 35
Classroom 30 Classroom 30 Classroom 65 
Reception 50 Reception 35 Reception 75
Rounds 32 Rounds 32 Rounds 75
Theater 50 Theater 50 Theater 125
Hollow Square 22 Hollow Square 22 Hollow Square 45

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